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How to Teach an Introductory Physical Education Unit

physical education (P.E.) teaching PE lessons

This Welcome to PE unit is the perfect way to start the year with the “little

ones.”  There will be a focus on learning the rules of PE and learning

behaviour, activity and game strategies they can apply to the classroom

without walls.  Students will gain a better understanding of working together

and by themselves to be successful in activities and games.  They will also

begin to learn how to communicate positively with other classmates and

develop teamwork and good sportsmanship concepts.

Have a look at the Early Childhood PE Welcome to PE Lessons Pack

(click the link to the side).  You will be fully equipped to teach a huge range

of activities for your grades K - 2 and help make teaching this unit a whole

lot of fun!!!

physical education (P.E.) teaching PE lessons
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