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How to Teach the Essential skills of Volleyball

physical education (P.E.) teaching volleyball lessons

Get your class going with core volleyball skills by learning the key components of the sport.  This is your stop for learning about dig, set, spike and serve.  Check out the Volleyball pack for more amazing resources, including lessons, games, activities, assessments and more.


- Also known as the bump, is the most important skill to pass the ball
- straight arms away from the body
- hands overlapping each other
- make sure knees are bent
- contact ball on the forearms
- finish with hands pointing towards the target

- An overhead pass to put the ball in good position
- raise both hands above your head with your fingertips spread apart
- pull your elbows out to your sides
- make sure your hands are far enough apart so that a ball fits between

- when ball comes toward a player, make sure they hit it lightly off the

   end of their finger tips and avoid “catching” the ball

- this is most exciting skill for trying to win a point in volleyball
- approach the ball with momentum and jump high
- make a BIG right step followed by a shorter left step
- swing arms down and back as you approach the ball

- there are two types of serves – overhand or underarm
- FOR UNDERARM start with your feet in with weight on your back foot
- ball is held in left hand in front of your body just below your waist
- shoulders and upper body should be slightly leaning forward
- eyes are focused on the contact point of the ball
- step into the ball and contact it with the flat part of the fist
- swing the right arm backward then forward in a pendulum motion
- follow through the ball after contact
- FOR THE OVERHEAD SERVE start in an up-and-back stride with most weight on your back foot
- the left hand hold the volleyball extended forward
- the left shoulder is forward and the right shoulder is ready to

   draw back
- toss the ball in front of your right side
- at the balls highest point, make contact with an open palm
- follow through after contact

Now you know how to teach the fundamentals of volleyball.  Get

your students engaged today and have a look at the Volleyball

lesson pack for Grades 3 – 6.  This resource is packed with fun

activities, drills, games and assessments for all your teaching

needs.  Click on the link above to check it out now.

physical education (P.E.) teaching volleyball lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching volleyball lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching volleyball lessons
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