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How to Teach the Essential Skills of Team Building

physical education (P.E.) teaching team building lesson

Teaching team building skills can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you will do as a Physical Education teacher.  Achieving a challenge as a group is rewarding, but sometimes the journey getting there isn’t for all students.  This is where the real learning takes place.  Watching students grow and LEARN to work together as a team is magnificent.  I like starting the year with this lesson pack as it sets the tone for expectations throughout the year.



- If You are helping to unite a team, you need to have strong

communication skills.  Using both written and verbal skills,

students will have to explain goals, learn to delegate, resolve

conflicts and more.

                                                                            PROBLEM SOLVING

                                                                            - When team building, students will need to problem solve.  These might                                                                                   involve problems relating to group goals or interpersonal goals as well.  A                                                                                 team builder must help to resolve both.  A good team builder must be a                                                                                     mediator who can listen to two sides and help everyone come to an                                                                                             agreement. 


                                                                            - Being a team builder often requires students to take on a leadership role,                                                                             at least part of the time.  You need to make decisions in times of conflict,                                                                                   establish group goals and manage team members who might not be                                                                                         working at their best.  All of this requires leadership and management.




- While being a good leader is important in team building, so is being a good team player.  Students will need to build a strong team by showing team what it means to work as a group.  Students will need to cooperate and collaborate.



- Students will learn that a good team player helps get other

team members excited about setting and achieving goals. 

They will need to carry a positive attitude and outlook in order

to achieve team goals.

Team Building challenges are FUN!! They are a great way to

start the year and watch your students grow together and overcome obstacles in a team environment.  This will set the path for the year in P.E. class.   Have a look at the Primary PE Team Building Lessons Pack (click the link above).  You will be fully equipped to teach a huge range of activities for your grades 3 – 6 and help make teaching Team Building lots of FUN!

physical education (P.E.) teaching team building lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching team building lessons
physical education teaching team building lessons
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