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How to Teach the Essential Skills of Softball

physical education (P.E.) teaching sofball lessons

Softball is a great, engaging sport that students love.  It is a sport that teaches students hand-eye coordination and ball handling skills and it involved skills such as hitting,

running, pitching and throwing.  Take your P.E. class to the next level by

incorporating this Softball into the curriculum.  You will be giving your

students experience in developing a certain skill set and create a fun,

engaging class.




- Stand side on to the batsmen with your dominant hand at the back.
- Hold the ball with both hands under your chin and in your glove and turn

   your head sideways to face the batsmen/target
- Pull the back with your dominant hand and throw the ball underarm

   over the plate (at about knee to chest height of the batsmen)
- As you throw, take a step forward with the foot opposite your throwing arm and carry the momentum of your body as you pitch.



- Stand about 4 metres back from a concrete wall and hit a tennis ball into the wall. When the ball rebounds hit it again
- When hitting face side on to the wall, feet shoulder width apart, bat lifted ready to hit the ball. As you hit the ball keep your front elbow up and hit straight through the ball so it bounces once before hitting the wall
- Try to hit the ball as many times as possible before you lose control and you can even compete against your friends to see who can get the highest number of hits
- As you improve try using a golf ball to increase the difficulty
- Remember to keep a firm grip on the bat



- Place two balls on the ground 3 metres in front of a wall
- Pick up the first ball throw it at the wall, clap your hands

   and the catch the ball with two hands as it rebounds off the

- Then place the ball back on the ground, run to a marker behind you 10 metres away from the wall and run back to the second ball
- Pick up the second ball throw it at the wall, clap your hands and catch the ball with one hand
- Place the ball on the ground, run back to the 10-metre marker and return to the first ball, and repeat
- Aim to increase speed and go as many times as you can without dropping the ball
- You can also practice catching with your non-dominant hand at the second ball station

                                                                                               Softball is lots of fun for everyone.  It is a sport that promotes                                                                                                              coordination and teamwork.  Have a look at the Primary PE Softball                                                                                                Lessons Pack (click the link above).  You will be fully equipped to                                                                                                       teach a huge range of activities for your grades 3 – 6 as well as                                                                                                        have your hands-on essential lessons, assessments and more.

physical education (P.E.) teaching sofball lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching sofball lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching sofball lessons
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