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How to Teach the Essential Skills of Soccer

physical education (P.E.) teaching soccer lessons

Planning on teaching soccer in your Physical Education class?  If you want to take your P.E. lessons to the next level, make sure you facilitate these key teaching points for soccer – you will be giving your students experience in developing their skill and create an engaging, fun P.E. class.



- Look to where you want to pass
- Step and kick the ball with the inside of the foot
- Lean forward to keep ball on ground
- It is about accuracy!




- Use small touches and keep the ball close to you
- Keep your head up as often as possible to you know where to pass
- Use different parts of your foot to touch (outside, inside, sole)
- As you are dribbling, shield the ball with your body to stop someone from tackling you


















- As you run up to kick the ball, plant your non-kicking

   foot next to the ball and bend the leg of your
  kicking foot back before you kick
- Swing and kick with the laces part of your foot through the middle of the ball
- Follow through with your leg towards the target.



Soccer can be a great work out and lots of fun for everyone!  It is a sport that

promotes coordination and teamwork.  Have a look at the Primary PE Soccer lessons

pack (click the link above to view this FREE product).  You will be fully equipped to

teach a huge range of activities for your grades 3 - 6 as well as have your hands on

key assessment and student checklists.




Physical education (P.E.) lessons soccer
physical education (P.E.) lessons soccer
physical education (P.E.) lessons soccer
physical education (P.E.) lessons soccer
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