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How to Teach the Essential Skills of Lawn Bowls

physical education (P.E.) teaching lawn bowls lessons

Lawn Bowls is a great way to engage your students.  They involve key elements of accuracy combined with tactical strategy.  If you want to make your P.E. class more inclusive, make sure you teach the key elements of lawn bowls to create an engaging, fun class.


- hold the bowl in your strongest hand.  Feel the bowl – one side is slightly

   flatter and the other slightly heavier
- Position your middle finger along the running edge of the bowl.  Your

   finger helps guide the bowl.  Use your thumb and index finger to keep the

   bowl stable on each side

- Stand in a relaxed position a step or two from launch line.  Keep your

   shoulder square to the target your aiming for
- Take a step toward the throw line.  Bend your legs and roll the ball

   smoothly onto the green.  Lean your free arm against your leg to keep

   yourself steady and accurate.  End up in a semi-crouch position, low to the

   ground with one foot pointing in the direction of the moving bowl
- Bowl a slow, steady shot if you want to curve in toward the jack.  Roll a

   stronger shot if you’re trying a more direct tactic.  Aim slightly to

   the right if you’re curving left into the jack
- Roll the bowl very hard to make a “drive” or “hit” shot.  This is designed to knock your opponent out of the way
- Aim for easier targets. 
- Block opponent shots if your bowl is closest to the jack by aiming bowls in front of jack.  That means your opponent has to get around your first ball.


Lawn Bowls provides great tactical strength and is good for developing social skills in students.  It is a sport that promotes coordination and individual drive.  Have a look at the Primary PE Lawn Bowls lessons pack (click the link above).  You will be fully equipped to teach a huge range of lessons and activities for your grades 3 - 6 as well as have your hands on key assessment and student checklists.

physical education (P.E.) teaching lawn bowls lessons
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