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How to Teach an Indigenous Games Unit

physical education (P.E.) teaching indigenous games lessons

Games play an important part in all cultures, including Aboriginal cultures.  Games were and still are a way to bring people together, sharpen life skills (such as hunting), induct young

men and women into traditions of their culture and simply have fun. 

Indigenous games is a great way to teach your students about cultures of

the world and key activities that were played with minimal or no



- create games with minimal to no equipment
- play games that Indigenous groups played thousands of years ago with

   little or no equipment
- learn about other cultures and language groups
- work as a team to design a game that all students can play

These games allow students the opportunity to participate in

traditional and contemporary Aboriginal (Indigenous) activities,

helping to teach history and culture.  This is sure way to keep your students engaged, active and curious.  Have a look at the Primary PE Indigenous Games Lessons Pack (click the link above).  You will feel fully confident to teach this huge range of lessons, activities for your grades
3 – 6 as well as have your hands on essential assessment tasks and assessments.


physical education (P.E.) teaching indigenous games lessons
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