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How to Teach the Essential Skills of Dance

physical education (P.E.) teaching dance lessons

Not all students are interested in Physical Education (It’s true 😉).  This is why some of us physical educators are trying to incorporate dance into their lessons.  Using dance as a teaching tool allows for more creativity, involves more students and teaches life skills.  In most curriculums, dance is part of the National Standards and should be incorporated when teaching P.E.


- Let students have input into song choice.  Using different songs can 

   help get all students involved
- Make sure there are large spaces and enough room for everyone
- Use steps that can be modified to fit abilities. 
- Remember the main goal of the steps is to keep students moving. 

   Simple is effective.
- Assigning students into small groups and getting each group to learn one step is an engaging effective strategy
- Start with small steps
- Using youtube can help immensely
- Encourage students that all sorts of people dance, regardless

   of gender or other interests.  Dancing is for everyone 😊

Any student can dance!  When done correctly, Dance is a unit where

you will see your students engage, grow and achieve.  All students

(and adults) love to move.  Even if you aren’t dance savvy yourself,

there are lots of resources and video links out there to help you.  Have

a look at the Primary PE Dance Lessons Pack (click the link to the side). 

You will be fully equipped to teach a huge range of activities for your

grades 3 – 6 and help make teaching dance seem a little easier.


physical education (P.E.) teaching dance lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching dance lessons
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