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How to Teach Essentials Games & Activities

physical education (P.E.) teaching games lessons

Sport is important to children of all ages.  This is the perfect way to end

the year with students by “celebrating” their accomplishments and how

far they have come in PE class.  The primary goal of this unit is to find the

success in sport they need to make them feel valued and wanted by

participating in games they have grown to know and love throughout

the course of the year. 

“Celebration Games” are designed to be fun, fun and fun!  This is a great

way to end the year and watch your students achieve together and show

all of their learning throughout the year.  Have a look at the Early

Childhood PE Celebration Games Lessons Pack (click the link to the side).

You will be fully equipped to teach a huge range of activities for your

grades K – 2 and help make teaching Celebration Games

even more fun!

physical education (P.E.) teaching games lessons
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