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How to Teach the Essential Skills of Badminton

physical education (P.E.) teaching badminton lessons

Badminton is a very engaging individual sport that is loved by all students once they learn a correct skill or two.  It is a sport that teaches students hand-eye coordination and tactical strategies on how to move themselves and opponents around the court.  Give your class a high-end badminton experience today by including the following skill-set into your curriculum. 


- Hold the head of the shuttle (birdie) with it head facing downwards

   so the it will drop straight down
- Stand sideways and relax your racquet arm
- Let go of the shuttle (birdie) and swing your racquet upwards. 

   Students should then twist their waist to the extent that their body

   faces the net.  The wrist should be flicked towards the direction you

   want the birdie to land.

- The back leg should lift up naturally

Strokes (over hand, underarm, back hand)
- With any stroke technique, make sure students practise a complete full swing to ensure maximum power in their stroke
- Allow the racquet to follow through
- Pay extra attention to the non-racquet arm.  It helps students maintain balance during the swing

- Avoid exerting TOO much strength into the forehand stroke.  This may cost poor technique and loss of balance.

There are other important aspects to focus on in badminton as well,

such as grip control and footwork.  Gripping the racquet properly will

allow students to execute shots to their opponent’s baseline.  Good

footwork allows good movement around the court – which allows the

ability to return opponent’s shots.

Badminton is a great sport.  It is a sport that promotes coordination and

self-determination.  Have a look at the Primary PE Badminton Lessons

Pack (click the link above).  You will be fully equipped to teach a huge range of activities for your grades 3 – 6 as well as have your hands-on essential lessons, assessments and more.

physical education (P.E.) teaching badminton lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching badminton lessons
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