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How to Teach the Essential Skills of Track & Field   

physical education (P.E.) teaching track and field lessons

Track & Field (Athletics) is one of those sports where every student can find a skill/event to love.  It teaches fundamental skills based on the principle of run, jump and throw while also teaching students the skill of goal setting, resilience and persistence.  Students learn to reach obtainable marks and try to beat their old times/distances.  Learn the skills involved in teaching Track & Field and give your class a top-notch, engaging P.E. session today.



- Running incorporates the following movements: speed, agility, acceleration, coordination, running a curve, running and jumping combinations, sprint slaloming
- Students eyes should be focused forward throughout the run
- Drive off ground with front part of foot
- Full extension of rear leg
- Knee drives forward
- Body leans slightly forward
- Arm drives towards the back
- Head and upper body are stable
- Smooth and rhythmical action
- Legs and feet move in a straight line
- Shoulders and hips are square


- Jumping incorporates the following skills: standing jumps, single and double foot take-offs, running    jumps, scissor jumps, hopping, jumping for height and distance
- Students should focus on eyes focused forward
- Upright body position with flat back
- Contact ground with mid to flat foot and bend knees prior to take off
- Lift hips high on take off
- Forceful thrust of OPPOSITE arm as take off leg extends















- Throwing incorporates the following skills: one and two hand delivery, whole body  throwing, underarm throwing, overarm throwing, throwing for distance, throwing       for accuracy, rotational throwing, stepping and throwing
- Knees should be bent in all throwing events

- hips to rotate and waist to open towards the target
- Arm to follow through and be straight on output of object
- Back foot follows through with momentum of throw

Any student can connect with one of these 3 skills.  When done correctly,

Track & Field is a unit where you will see your  students engage, grow and

achieve.  They love to set a mark  and then try and meet that mark.  Teach

your students how to goal set and you will see them climb mountain after 

mountain. Have a look at the Primary PE Track & Field Lessons Pack

(click the link above).  You will be fully equipped to teach a huge range of

lessons and skills for your grades 3 – 6 as well as have your hands on

essential assessments, student challenges and more.

physical education (P.E.) teaching track and field lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching track and field lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching track and field lessons
physical education (P.E.) teaching track and field lessons
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