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How to Teach P.E. from Grades 3 to 6

Two years worth of complete units, lessons, assessments and more

physical education (P.E.) teaching lessons

Physical Education teaches students how to enhance their own and

others health and well-being and physical activity participation in varied

and changing contexts.  Having a good curriculum map is significant to

teaching Physical Education and developing the concept of ‘physical

literacy’ is important as students move through the primary years of

education and begin to develop more complex movement and team

strategies.  Explore this massive bundle and cover all essential topics in

Physical Education for the Primary Years.  Don’t worry about planning for

a while – just focus on being the best, most energetic PE teacher you

can be.

In this pack you will find 13 Primary units of work.  Each topic covers

essential lessons, teacher assessments and student checklists 
including the popular "gamification challenges."

By clicking the link below, you can discover your PE journey and focus

on engaging your students and promoting active, healthy lifestyles. 

Good luck and have fun!

physical education (P.E.) teaching lessons
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