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How to Teach P.E. from Kindergarten to Grade 6

One year worth of complete units, lessons, assessments and more

teaching physical education (P.E.) lessons

Physical Education teaches students how to enhance their own and others health

and well-being and physical activity participation in varied and changing

contexts.  Having a good curriculum map is significant to teaching Physical

Education.  This year bundle covers a lot of content and saves you – the teacher -

lots of planning.

Explore Units of Work in Early Childhood:
Welcome to PE      Two Hand Strike     Bouncing     Forehand Strike
     Leaping     Mini-Athletics     Punting     Vertical Jumping

Explore Units of Work in Primary Years:
Basketball     Cricket     Funtastic Sports     Indigenous Games  
   Target Games     Team Building     Volleyball     Track & Field

By clicking the link below, you can discover your PE journey and focus
on engaging your students and promoting active, healthy lifestyles. 
Good luck and have fun!

teaching physical education (P.E.) lessons
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