How to Teach P.E. from Kindergarten to Grade 6

One year worth of complete units, lessons, assessments and more

Physical Education teaches students how to enhance their own and others

health and well-being and physical activity participation in varied and

changing contexts.  Having a good curriculum map is significant to teaching

Physical Education.  This year bundle covers a lot of content and saves you –

the teacher- lots of planning.

Explore Units of Work in Early Childhood:
Welcome to PE      Run     Mini-Athletics     Throwing 
    Kicking     Catching     Celebration Games     Dodging

Explore Units of Work in Primary Years:
Badminton     Dance     Funtastic Sports     Lawn Bowls
     Soccer     Softball     Team Building   Track & Field

By clicking the link to the side, you can discover your PE journey and focus on
engaging your students and promoting active, healthy lifestyles. 
Good luck and have fun!

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